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Why do it right ?

I have found a lot of people questioning why they should learn the technique to have a perfectly tidy back in cross stitch... and my question is, why not ? 

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better ”.                   Pat Riley 

At least I believe that as long as you can improve, why not to try. But I have decide to number a few reasons Because it is easy! Yes it is very simple to learn the method once you follow our guide! A friend learnt the technique in 2.5 hours! So you can too! Because it looks better

I don’t know about you but most people into crafts like what they see, and appreciate when something is done well and with love. Imrpovinf your embroidery will make people see your devotion into your work. 

Because if you do it well you can sell it 

I know that in a lot of countries people see Cross Stitch just as a occupation therapy but also as a hobby and use it to gift or for their own home decorations but in countries such as Brazil, where me and my mum are from, you can really make money by selling your embroidery. But trust me, none will buy unless it’s well finished!

Because it saves threads

It does!! If you do it with our technique you will be saving your floss and your money!

Because you can increase the time of products you embroider 

There are more things you can do than just framed embroidery and cards which you always cover the back!

You can stitch towels, beddings, aprons, tea towels, clocks, phone covers and all of there products will last longer and look better if you have a neaty back without tangled floss and knots.

Because you deserve to be the best at everything you do ! 

So keep an eye on our website and subscribe to be advised on when we publish the guide and happy stitching to you all my lovelies !! 

Xx Dani 

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